Let's talk about our vaginas

A NSFW place for females to talk about whether they love or hate their vaginas. To share pictures of themselves and discuss them, and to feel good about themselves.

Post pictures of your favourite vagina, or comment on others. (But not in a bad way!) I am in love with my partners vag, but together we look at others, cos we can't get enough!

So let's see yours :) You know you're gonna love it and we're gonna love it :) But please, be over 18. I like my freedom.

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This is an accurate depicition of how I envision Australia.

MOST of that stuff is accurate-ish but what we don’t have is mass shootings at schools and malls. And yet we continue to live and procreate.

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Photographer: Todd Stringer

Model: Lady Sensuality

Location: Nashville, TN

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
When submitting a photo how does one maintain privacy? Is the name and email known to you as well as tumblr?
letstalkaboutourvaginas letstalkaboutourvaginas Said:

When you submit a picture(s) it comes to me for approval before posting. At this point you can ask me to keep your url out of it, or not. If you do, I’ll make sure you’re anon.

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Lovely! Thanks for the beautiful submission.